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Legacy Ellie Dicker Series

Legacy Ellie Dicker Series


Prodigy-Ellie Dickert Series-Pink

The first Youth Raw Carbon Fiber Paddle on the Market! This paddle was engineered and designed to help players have success on the court. With the biggest sweet spot on a Youth Paddle, the Prodigy helps you place your shots where you are aiming. With a longer handle than the competition you can work on developing a two handed backhand. With a 13mm core your resets and blocks will be much more efficient than thinner models. Having success on the court means more fun and more fun means you will enjoy growing in Pickleball. The Ellie Dickert Series was designed for Legacy Sponsored Player Ellie Dickert. A five year old Prodigy that enjoys Pickleball, Soccer, Softball, Dance and Gymnastics. She enjoys being on the courts and competing against other Super Juniors and Juniors. This model is approved by Ellie Dickert so get yours today!

  • Specifications

    Composite Carbon Surface

    Length: 15.55"

    Width: 7.83"

    Core Thickness: 13.5mm

    Core: Aramid

    Weight: 7.0oz +/- 0.15oz

    Handle Length: 4.9"

    Handle Circumference: 4"

    Warranty: 120 days-manufacturer defects