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Hudef Mage Pro

Hudef Mage Pro


The Mage Pro is meticulously designed for players who prefer using a hybrid paddle, and for anyone seeking to achieve a good balance and control without sacrificing power in their most aggressive shots.


To meet the growing demand for diversity and cater to a wider audience, we are excited to introduce the Mage Pro, showcasing a Hybrid shape. This thoughtfully crafted design is intended to resonate with the preferences of a broader player base. We believe the Mage Pro's Hybrid shape will provide players with a versatile and well-rounded playing experience, ensuring that it meets the varying needs and playing styles of a diverse community of pickleball enthusiasts.

Mage pro's most significant advantage lies in its affordability. This reflects our dedicated efforts to make pickleball more accessible to a broader audience. We are committed to providing benefits to those who want to play and promote pickleball. By prioritizing affordability, we aim to facilitate wider participation and encourage more individuals to engage in and promote the sport of pickleball.


Dual Compression Thermoforming Technology: Advanced multi-stage cold and thermoformed technology. The perimeter edges are thermoformed and injected with foam extending through to the handle, ensuring a solid and responsive construction.

T700 Raw Carbon Fiber Face: The Mage Pro features a T700 raw carbon fiber face, offering an extraordinary spin. With a true high coefficient surface that maintains its texture permanently.

Strengthened Core: We have rigorously tested our paddle to ensure the lasting performance. The strengthened core is engineered to deliver ample power, making you feel its remarkable strength on every shot!

Grip: Ergonomic design along with the plush grip wrap all for a comfortable, confident handle.

  • Specifications

    ● Thermoformed edges and injected with foam

    ● Face: T700 raw carbon fiber

    ● Paddle Shape: Hybrid

    ● Weight: 8.0oz(+/-0.2oz)

    ● Swing Weight: 116

    ● Twist Weight: 6.57

    ● Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb

    ● Paddle Length: 16.50"

    ● Paddle Width: 7.40"

    ● Paddle Thickness: 0.63"(16mm)

    ● Grip Length: 5.35"

    ● Grip Circumference: 4 1/8"

    ● Skill Level: Beginner to Pro. Especially for players who have always enjoyed playing with a hybrid paddle, it is one of the essential paddles.

    USA Pickleball Approv