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Obelisk TS5.0

Obelisk TS5.0


Designed and tested in Queensland Australia, the TS 5.0 is an entry level pickleball paddle.

The paddle comes with a simplistic traditional design

The TS5.0 is an affordable paddle for those looking for lots of power and pop in a lightweight and easy-to-maneuver traditional quad shape. TS5.0 is packed with top-quality materials rarely found at the sub $100 price range!

The Polypropylene Honeycomb Core is supportive and durable, allowing players to dink and dropshot with ease. With a rough Carbon Composite Fibre surface, the paddle has plenty of grip allowing players to generate a lot of spin.


This is Obelisk's most popular paddle.

USA Pickleball Approved for sanctioned tournaments




Weight: 7.80-8.2oz

Height: 15.7”

Width: 7.9″

Core Thickness 14mm

Handle Length: 5.5”

Handle Circumference: 4.5”

Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb

Face: Fiberglass surface