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Simone Jardim Hyperion CFS 16mm

Simone Jardim Hyperion CFS 16mm


The Simone Jardim Hyperion 16mm paddle is the clear choice for the serious pickleball competitor. Offering our unique Hyperfoam Edgewall and crowned with the pro-proven Aero-Curve this blend of tech provides the increased swing speed you need for those winning drives. We also understand that comfort is key to victory, which is why we cover each CX-Forged elongated handle in our Sure-Grip pickleball handle wraps to maintain optimum performance, reduce fatigue and increase power. Rounding out this piece of high-performance pickleball equipment is the Carbon Friction Surface which encases our Reactive Polymer Core allowing a superior blend of control, power and feel, with consistent edge-to-edge performance. Play hard, win big, and feel confident with our USAPA-approved Simone Jardim Hyperion 16mm pickleball racket.

  • Specifications

    Surface: Carbon Friction

    Core: Reactive Honeycomb

    Core (mm): 16

    Control: 94

    Power: 93

    Spin: 95

    USAPA Approved: Yes

    Average Weight: 8.4oz

    Paddle Length: 16.5in

    Paddle Width: 7.5in

    Grip Type: Ridge

    Grip Length: 5.5in

    Grip Circumference*: 4.125in

    *May vary slight

  • Warranty

    JOOLA warrants the paddles to be free from major defects in workmanship and materials when used for the intended purpose under normal use and conditions FOR A PERIOD OF 6 MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF RECEIPT ON ORIGINAL PURCHASE* in the United States and Canada. Warranty is non-transferable and only valid to the original purchaser. Warranty does not apply to replacement paddles. What JOOLA Will Cover: • Registration on is required within 14 days of purchase to be eligible for the war