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Obelisk Pickleball starter pack

Obelisk Pickleball starter pack


IDEAL FOR ALL AGES - This pickleball set with 4 paddles and net is ideal for entry level and those who want to try pickleball for the first time.

GET IN THE GAME - This pickleball starter set includes 2 Obelisk Scepter paddles( rrp $50 each) and 2 Obelisk TS5.0 paddles ( rrp $70) with PU grip which most pro athletes use, and the 4 Obelisk Hybrid Balls and 4 Obelisk Outdoor balls are official USA pickleball standard size and weight. With these features, you can enjoy playing the game like a pro!

WEAR-RESISTANT AND LONG-LASTING. Obelisk Accessories pickleball set with net is made of durable metal frame, making it great for heavy use. This pickle ball set is made to enjoy with family and friends with quick and easy setup for use in almost any space.

EASY ASSEMBLY: The 22 ft wide mesh net included in this pickleball set is fast and convenient to install and set up in less than a few minutes. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Including

    1 Obelisk portable net

    4 Obelisk paddles, Scepter , TS5.0 or mix of both.

    8 balls; Obelisk outdoor or hybrid ( suitable for both indoor or outdoor plays) or mix of both.