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Hudef HD6.8

Hudef HD6.8


The Newest HD6.8 has the latest technology,

Through-Rod Engineering design provides increased power and the carbon fiber face with an all new Kevlar surface includes a 3D texture pro spin technology generates maximum spin. (The paddles are specifically designed to generate maximum spin, its surface is pushed to the limits and delivers the maximum grit USA Pickleball rules allow.)

The new HD6.8 can be called 'a paddle for all'. From the 'forgiveness in touch' for beginners,

to the available 'power to unleash' for the advanced, the HD6.8 will not disappoint.

A perfect weight to power ratio and enhanced sweetspot allows players to hit any shot more consistently.

The HD6.8 embedded 'pro spin' surface along with the reinforced 'tubular polypropylene core', combine the best features in a single paddle.

If you enjoy playing with a carbon fiber edgeless paddle,

the HD6.8 may be your answer to 'move up'...

  • Specifications

    Length: 16.34"

    Width: 7.64"

    Thickness: 0.43"(11mm)

    Grip Length: 5.71"

    Grip Circumference: 4.02"

    Lightweight: 7.5-7.9oz

    Material / Finish:Kevlar and Carbon Fiber


    Edge: Edgeless

    Paddle Core Material:Polypropylene

    Skill Level: Beginner to Pro

  • Warranty

    12 months manufacturer warranty from faulty workmanship. excluding wear and tear.