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The Argyle paddle is a paddle suitable for all levels Pickleball players.

It was designed especially for players coming from tennis or racquetball backgrounds who value the aerodynamic shape, making it easier to rapidly move the paddle and add spin to the ball. It's a light weight paddle for quick hand and control plays.

The Polypropylene Honeycomb Core is supportive and durable, allowing players to dink and dropshot with ease. With a rough Carbon Composite Fibre surface, the paddle has plenty of grip allowing players to generate tremendous amount of spin.


USA Pickleball approved

  • Warranty

    All Obelisk paddles carry a 6 months manufacturer warranty. This excluding wear and tear. Edge guard are not under warranty.

  • Specifications

    Length 16 inches

    With the 8 inches

    Handle Length 5.25 inches

    Grip 4.15 inches

    Weight 7.2- 7.5 oz

    Thickness 14mm core