Players Rogue2Q paddle

Players Rogue2Q paddle

For those who prefer a traditional paddle shape, we bring you the Rogue2Q! With its familiar "quad" shape and all the modern features of the Rogue2, the 'Q is the perfect paddle for the player who wants a wide paddle face and shorter overall length packed with the latest paddle technology.
The Rogue2 family of paddles are game-changing in more ways than one. Featuring the new and improved 2nd Generation Gel-Core technology, vibration-damping carbon fiber throat reinforcement, and massively increased durability, all with a price well below the competition, the Rogue2 lineup is a hit for players at all levels. 
The video below covers all of the features of the Rogue2. The Rogue2Q is the same paddle, just in a different shape.


The Second Generation Gel-Core improves the paddle in several measurable ways:

Larger Sweet Spot

Greater Paddle Stability on Ball Impact

Reduced Vibrations Transmitted to the Player's Hand

Softer Ball Impact Sound

Improved Durability over First Generation

We took the blueprint for the 1st generation Gel-Core, which was already a proven performer and refined it further, giving it much increased durability along with improved vibration absorbing characteristics. If you aren't already familiar with the Gel-Core advantage, read all about Gel-Core, its benefits, and the test results.

Sweet Spot Mapping

At Players Pickleball, we believe that without hard evidence to back up a claim, that claim has little value. We use a bespoke testing fixture to measure the sweet spot in a way never before seen in the sport. Rather than relying on subjective test feedback, we can objectively measure the ball response at controlled locations across the paddle face. Below are the results of the Rogue2 Gel-Core sweet spot mapping tests.

Exclusive Vibration-Damping Carbon Fiber Throat Reinforcement

Unique to Players Pickleball paddles is the Rogue2's vibration damping carbon fiber throat reinforcement. This cutting edge innovation accomplishes two major performance improving enhancements:

Strengthening of the critical paddle face/handle junction - This is an inherent weak spot in almost all paddle designs as the thin handle portion of the paddle must manage all of the stress of countless ball impacts while remaining lightweight and small enough to accommodate the hands of all players, big and small. The addition of 6 total layers of carbon fiber at this critical junction on each side adds overall rigidity to the paddle while virtually eliminating handle breakages!

Vibration damping - The carbon fiber reinforcement is designed with a unique rubber-like material that is fused into the composite during layup. This material drastically improves the normally high frequency characteristics of carbon fiber and transforms it into a vibration absorbing component, isolating your hand from the impact of the ball on the paddle face. The graph below shows the drastic reduction in vibration by the Rogue2's unique throat reinforcement.

TMD - Targeted Mass Distribution

The Rogue line of paddles features "Targeted Mass Distribution". This means we can control where the paddle's mass is concentrated by moving it toward the edges of the paddle. We accomplish this through the locations of our Gel-Core infusion.

USA Pickleball Approved

This paddle passes the USA Pickleball specification tests and is approved for use in USA Pickleball sanctioned play.

Technical Specs

8.1oz (±0.2oz) Overall Length15-7/8"Overall Width8-1/8"Grip Circumference4-3/16"Grip Length4-3/4"Honeycomb Material2nd Generation Gel-Core, Elastomer-Infused PolypropylenePaddle Skin2-Layer Unidirectional FiberglassCountry of Origin
Made in the USA
USAPA Approved