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Players Rogue2 max

Players Rogue2 max


The award-winning Rogue2 has gone carbon fiber! The Rogue2 Carbon features the same 2nd Generation Gel-Core technology and vibration-damping carbon fiber throat reinforcement a

the Rogue2 but with increased rigidity and a signature look from its textured 3K twill carbon fiber face.

For those looking to maximize their paddle hitting surface, the Rogue2MAX Carbon is the answer! With its shorter handle, it's ideal for those who keep a finger on


    At Players Pickleball, we stand behind our products but don't believe in using our warranty as a marketing ploy by using oxymorons like "Limited Lifetime Warranty" and we really don't like fine print that is full of caveats and loopholes that amount to little more than a bait & switch program leaving you high and dry in the case of an issue.


    For these reasons, we handle each issue on a case by case basis, rather than having a blanket policy full of that fine print and those caveats and loophol

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