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Core outdoor pickleball ball

Core outdoor pickleball ball


ENHANCE GAME EXPERIENCE: IMPACT Pickleball Balls are designed for both beginner and professional players.

PERFORM TO LAST: Play hard, play long and play more with these reinforced outdoor pickleballs. You'll love the way our pickleball balls leave the competition pickled, with industry-leading rotational molding, fully seamless construction, and 5x stronger polyurethane than the average pickleball.

THE PERFECT BOUNCE: If you don't know the bounce height, you can't predict where the pickleball ball will be. Engineered for a consistent bounce and perfect balance game after game, these outdoor and indoor pickleballs USAPA approved will give you the confidence to trust your shot.

PLAY IN ALL CONDITIONS: Our pickleball balls are weighted heavier and feature 40 precision drilled holes to improve wind resistance on ball flight so every shot goes straight, true and fast. The vibrant color of the yellow pickleballs makes it also easy to spot in any lighting situation.

FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR: With ultra-durability and good bounce performance, our balls can withstand hundreds of aggressive strikes during indoor and outdoor high-performance play. It also helps your pickleball paddle have more power and control, so you can go with confidence in your gameplay.

**Please note that the IMPACT balls are not made for extreme low temperatures.**